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San Diego Tax Preparation

Golden Hill Tax Solutions offers professional and accurate San Diego tax preparation, tax planning, audit assistance with representation and tax debt resolution.

When you choose Golden Hill Tax Solutions for your individual or small business tax preparation, you can rest assured that your tax return will be prepared by an experienced Enrolled Agent who is knowledgable and competent in all areas of Federal and State taxation. Whether you have a regular return with itemized deductions, or a more complex return with business, rental or investment income, we will find every legal deduction and credit that you are entitled to. We believe that every taxpayer should pay their share of income tax required by law, but not one dollar more.

And should you need assistance with a letter or audit from a government tax authority, we are legally qualified to advise or represent you in such situations. Remember, only Circular 230 Practitioners (Enrolled Agents, CPAs or Attorneys), are allowed by law to assist or represent you in tax matters before the IRS.

Taxes are a serious matter, and Enrolled Agents are as serious as it gets when it comes to taxation.

San Diego Unfiled Tax Returns

San Diego Unfiled Tax Returns

Need help with San Diego unfiled tax returns? We can help! The recently announced IRS Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2018-2022 is focusing on six areas. The area that you as a non-filer with San Diego unfiled tax returns need to be aware of is the area dealing with...

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Affordable San Diego Uber Lyft Tax Preparation

Affordable San Diego Uber Lyft Tax Preparation

Are you a Uber or Lyft driver looking for expert and affordable San Diego Uber Lyft tax preparation? Then Golden Hill Tax Solutions in San Diego is the firm you are looking for! As an experienced Enrolled Agent with over ten years of modern tax preparation experience,...

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Booth Rentals and Filing Taxes in San Diego

Booth Rentals and Filing Taxes in San Diego

Looking for information concerning booth rentals and filing taxes in San Diego? Well then, you have come to the right place! I have several clients who are hair stylists. Some of them are treated as employees by the salon they work at, and some of them rent booths at...

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